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This library is phenomenal and many don’t know that some of Budapest’s most beautiful reading rooms are open to the public here.

This library is housed in what was once the Wenckheim Palace, which was built in the late 1880s to the designs of Artúr Meinig.

The two special collections libraries have restricted access, details here. This is certainly one of the most astoundingly beautiful libraries in Hungary.

The library is located on the Danube-side of the Parliament, and from within there's a view right onto the river.

As you can see on the images there are ornate decorations, ceiling-high shelves of books (the highest of which are accessed via the gallery) and furniture which complements the space perfectly.

We have to say that these are likely to be some of the world’s most beautiful reading rooms, and if you're looking for something to read, there are more than one million documents in this library's vast collection.

Although the building suffered damage, huge renovations to the Metropolitan Szabó Ervin Library have restored it beautifully.

The reading rooms are of different styles (see images), for example, the dark brown room with spiral staircase had been a smoker's room when it was still a Palace, while the gold room was originally for the lady of the house (can you spot about six little gold birds on the ceiling?

The second library of note here is in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences building (accessed via Széchenyi Square) where you can see the Oriental Collection's library.

Its reading room dates back to the 1950s and was designed with Islamic motifs in mind.

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