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It's phone quality and the sound is very overwhelming in those clubs. With your music, being specifically branded as emo and having spearheaded that movement, so to speak, there's a generation of dudes who remember putting the lyrics in their away messages, just being able to express themselves through your lyrics. That was something we were keeping in mind throughout the process then for us, it almost in certain ways feels like a new band each record you make, which is fun and exciting. That's always the hope—anytime we put out anything new—is that hopefully it'll hit people at the right time in their lives. There's something about that I can relate it to. This way my folks are just far enough away, so they can help out. Do you have favorite current artists, like rappers? I love watching CMT because country music videos are the only ones—they're like rock videos, but now rock bands can't get that budget.

But Adam Lazzara doesn’t want to be branded as emo, or as anything. I’m not sure that the drunk dude drinking a Modelo understands this. On the drive home, I think about what teenage me would think of my current situation. Perhaps this is the 2016 emo fan’s burden, and the burden of all nostalgia-based listening pursuits: the lack of anyone having any chill over how emotionally they are connected to the past. To be the subject of such a particular phyulm of thirst? We played two, but if it were up to me, I'd just play the record. Our goal is always to just try to give back a little bit of what our favorite bands gave us. If anything, that's really flattering to know we can do that for people. With the new record, are you hoping new young people will discover you again? When we were making this record, we were really aware of this. It rarely happens, but being out at home, like Target, but then they'll just come and say "Hey, I like what you do." I say, "Thank you." It's nice. The thing with like, how people focus or harp on those earlier records? But when I do listen to hip hop, I listen to Jay Z.

To have everyone want you to perform a teenage sadness? Well, I don't want people's first impressions of the songs to be a crappy You Tube video that someone took with their i Phone. Like, even though you have such a catalogue that resonates with formerly young people, or even teens who are into emo now? We were like "Look this is our seventh record; we can't do anything we've already done." We also realized that no matter what we do, if it's the five of us, it's always going to sound like Taking Back Sunday. With the new record and what people are saying is a new sound coming out of it, how does it feel to have people dwell so much on the emo thing? It gets frustrating sometimes because then it's putting it in this little box that can be contained and I think we're more than that. Do you think about if your new album will be influential to young people, though? Or is it like "We made it and it's just going to exist as what it is"? What you gotta understand is that [those records] hit them at the right time in their lives.

How does it feel going from playing small venues in high school, to those large shows, to the huge ones now—as people got more into their phones, is it strange seeing an audience with phones in the air? Sometimes you want to say something like, "Be here." Because any video you're going to take, it's not going to be good. Also, on the other side of it, folks are paying money to be there, so they can do what they want. You know, my voice sounds the way it does and we play the way we do. People assume that I am because sing for—well, a band. Like, harping on that genre as your place in music. I understand it's a lot of the scene we came from. Yeah, and then our hope is that—I imagine it as two different paths, and sometimes the paths meet up and other times some folks will go this way, some folks will go that way, but then somewhere along the line they meet again. We moved back when we had our son, because I had to be gone for tour and things like this.

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