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Most compensated dating taking place in Japan today is arranged through the internet though the language or rules can exclude guys who aren’t Japanese from the fun.

Universe Club is the first dating club in Japan I’m aware of that actively seeks to attract foreign members.

Posts on Japan are some of the most popular on this website.

I always do my best to report on things both because of that and my own in interest in the country which began long before I ever started this website.

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There is an A to E scale provided that indicates how willing women are to go beyond dinner dates and into a hotel or somewhere similar.

The women in between the two extremes vary accordingly with those in the B group sometimes requiring a few dates to make a decision and those in the C and D group being more likely to go somewhere special on the first meet.

There are no set rates of compensation for extracurricular activities at Universe Club and in the main the company’s business is simply arranging dates.

This doesn’t seem to be a hindrance though since hundreds of new women join each month.

While beauty is always in the eye of the beholder most of the women in the club are attractive and there don’t appear to be any on standby that one would be embarrassed to walk around with.

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