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She's taken a job as a tour guide, but she hates it and it shows: the tourists, mostly American, are bored with history and facts; they want to shop.Every group has a goofy couple, a frat boy, a sullen teen, a feuding couple, divorcées looking for a mate, and a funny guy.(2005) with Keira Knightly (Lizzie Bennett) and Matthew Macfayen (Mr. This film gets 5 stars in my book because it gives awesome examples of what works and doesn’t work in relationships.You can see powerful Great Lover signs in their smiles and sincere messages, along with Bad Lover red flags that make you cringe. You’ll find it uplifting to watch Paul Rudd (Peter Klaven) transform from a whimp into a Confident Metro Male who is unstoppable.

He’s got a fiance, but forgot to build a great life. While there are some great laughs in this film, the main problem is the guys who really need to see it, probably won’t go.

In 2001 he co-starred in the sitcom Eisai to Tairi mou, which became a huge success and made him very popular to the Greek audience.

This increased his appeal and set the stage for him to become a sought after lead actor.

Hey, Mike, didn't they teach you at Harvard that stereotypes are a no-no? If Reiss had been taken out of the equation, and Vardolas given the opportunity to run with the screenplay herself, My Life in Ruins would probably have been more enjoyable from start to finish. My Life in Ruins is like a picky eater trying a Greek salad for the first time.

Checking track records, most television writers fail horribly crossing over to screen writing. He picks out what he doesn't like, and enjoys the rest.

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