Amatur chat rooms

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- Summoners can not have a Solo que ranking of challenger series. Emails will be added to our mailchimp list in order to notify the summoners of our tournament instructions.- Tournament games that fall on a holiday Sunday will be played on the Saturday prior at 2pm EST.(first team to win 2 games) - 3rd round is best of 3 games. - 5th round (championship) will be best of 5 games.(first team to win 3 games) - 3rd and 4th place will place a Best of 1 game to determine prizes.

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; if (! $/.test(location.pathname)) else if ($('body')Class('comments-page')) else if ($('body')Class('listing-page')) if (page Type) = JSON.stringify(data); iframe.frameborder = 0; iframe.scrolling = 'no'; = frame_id; = parser.href; = '0'; = '100%'; = '100%'; if (!The tournament is open to any team of any skill level.The tournaments will be held every Sunday starting at 2pm EST.Here is a list of full details to include the rules for the tournament: Tournament Type: League of Legends 5v5 Tournament Champion select: Draft style Bans per team: 3 Map: Summoners Rift Time Limit: None Champion Select: Summoners may choose any champion that the game allows them to choose.(after bans of course) Our Bracket consists of: - 32 Teams - 5 Rounds - 1st round is Single Elimination - 2nd round is best of 3 games.

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