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Your mother-in-law won’t change, and your mother-in-law problems won’t be solved overnight.People change, but it’s not realistic to stay in your relationship and expect your mother-in-law problems to suddenly disappear!If you’re married, then your expectations of your husband and your mother-in-law is different.But, girlfriends who ask their boyfriends to make that choice may be causing more conflict than it’s worth.

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But her boyfriend later discouraged her from buying his mom a birthday gift because she didn’t appreciate or want the first gift.

You’ll never find all the answers to dealing with any family problem in a blog post, but you will get the support you need in a book!

Here’s what my reader said, on my article about how to handle problems with your mother: “What do I do about my boyfriend’s parents, who don’t like or accept me?

Ask for reasons they’re not comfortable with you or your relationship with their son.

The first reason or two they give are excuses; the third reason is the closest to the truth.

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