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The pain returned in December, but this time Fox believed it was a cartilage problem due to the stress of playing so much basketball.In February 1977, following the end of basketball season, he finally went to the Simon Fraser University (SFU) health centre, where he was given painkillers.Fox’s determination and dedication were again recognized at Simon Fraser University, where he was chosen for the school’s junior varsity basketball team. In November of that year, he rear-ended a truck while driving on the highway — the car was a wreck, but Fox escaped without visible injury.The only problem was a sore right knee, which Fox assumed he must have hurt during the crash.Within weeks of his surgery, Fox was walking with the help of an artificial leg.

Bob Mc Gill, their coach, suggested that Terry try cross-country running and wrestling instead.Tired of the harsh Winnipeg winters, Rolly transferred to Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1966.The family moved west and eventually settled in Port Coquitlam, a community located about 27 km east of Vancouver.He also ran cross-country, and played soccer and rugby; and was co-winner (with Alward) of the school’s Athlete of the Year Award in Grade 12.By that time, Fox was the better basketball player, while Alward had become an accomplished cross-country runner.

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