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With his interest in become an electrician, he worked as an intern with his father for a short time and soon realized his interest lay in acting.So, he joined the ‘The Gaiety School of Acting’ in 2004, which led him to theater.‘Bit unrealistic,’ mutters one member of the crew drily.‘Need to be about four o’clock in the bloody afternoon for those to be there.’ It’s touching, in a way, that the crew is so concerned about realism, given that their show depicts the adventures of a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost who share a house.There, performing without second takes in front of a large audience was a job more difficult than acting behind the camera.Having nominated in different categories of several prestigious awards, he has also won the “Empire Awards” under the Best Male Newcomer category, for his work in “The Hobbit”.He also has got quite a list when it comes to his dating life, and despite the rumors of him being sexually gay he has proved them wrong.His first recorded girlfriend was Charlene Mc Kenna, in 2009 and they dated for just a year.

‘What the BBC couldn’t have predicted,’ says Whithouse, who also wrote the 2006 School Reunion episode of Doctor Who, ‘is that the show delivered a specific type of audience the BBC had been trying to attract for a long time, and suddenly here they were, kind of presenting themselves to the BBC: mobilised, internet-savvy, committed.’ And in most cases – perhaps more significantly – young.Its supernatural subject matter has obvious youth appeal: after all, the Twilight novels and films (about hunky vampires) are monstrously popular with teenagers, just as Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a decade ago. Then I read the scripts, which were amazing, and it was almost as if the werewolf-vampire-ghost thing was incidental – really it was about their relationships and how they cope with their afflictions.’ As Russell Tovey (who plays George) suggests, the problems the central characters face are easy for a teenage viewer in particular to identify with.Sinead Keenan (who plays Nina, the girlfriend of George, the werewolf) recalls that, when her agent told her she’d be auditioning for a show about a werewolf, a ghost and a vampire, she replied, ‘Right. ‘Being made a werewolf changes George’s life: he has to try to fit in, to find his place,’ says Tovey, 28, whose best-known other role was in Alan Bennett’s The History Boys (the play and the film).With a net worth value of almost million US dollars in 2015, you can imagine the success and fame he has achieved over the years.To find out more about his life and career, you can read his biography that is available in Wikipedia or IMDb.

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