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The VISRETAIN value is stored in the current drawing.

Here are two system variables that are fun to use, even if they don’t boost your productivity.

Tooltips are useful when you’re getting to know your way around a program, but they can get in the way if you’re not a beginner.

TOOLTIPS is set to 1, to appear whenever you hover the mouse pointer over a program element.

One way around this problem is to set the OSNAPZ variable appropriately.Maybe you work on a number of projects and you want a separate desktop icon for each one to start in a particular folder. By default, it’s set to 1, so it defaults to storing files in my Documents in Windows XP and Windows 8.Set this variable to 0, and it opens from, and saves to, the folder you specify in the desktop icon, and in the last folder you visit as you work. ROLLOVERTIPS controls the tooltip-like message boxes you see when you hover the mouse pointer over objects.The pickbox is the little square box that the crosshairs turn into when Auto CAD prompts you to select an item.You control the pickbox size by setting a value in pixels for the PICKBOX variable.

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