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Smart home, smarter criminal: With their shoddy security, Io T devices that are making homes “smart” are also making them vulnerable.Rise of the machine (learning): AI platforms are helping organizations sort through mountains of data to improve security; unfortunately, they’re bound to become useful to attackers, too. Attackers don’t need to pull zero-day tricks out of their bags to infect PCs when signature-based defenses are easily evaded and humans remain gullible. But the targets the attackers are going after changing.The geopolitics of 2016 were downright stunning, from Brexit to the improbable trajectory of the U. And who among us saw Bob Dylan winning the Nobel Prize?So as we look ahead to 2017, I gladly return to the matter of cybersecurity, and present to you my predictions. Ransomware gets physical: Attackers will take over and disable hardware as a way to extort money from corporate victims.Io T bankruptcy: Companies that refuse to bake security into their Io T products will suffer financial repercussions.

Offensive offense: You can expect an unfortunate increase in nation states conducting cyber-espionage for the sole purpose of embarrassing or undermining enemies.

The Mirai botnet was a shot across the bow; a wakeup call for the hardware industry in the same way that Code Red and Nimda were a wakeup call for the software industry some 15 years ago.

Those fast-spreading worms shed light on the catastrophic economic damage that awaited software vendors if something didn’t change.

For some hardware vendors, Mirai will serve as a battle cry, while for others —those asleep at the switch — it will be their death knell.

The hardware industry faces a much steeper challenge, as insecure devices often cannot be fixed via firmware patches, either because there is no mechanism for an upgrade to be applied or because it simply wouldn’t be installed even if made available (when was the last time you patched your TV)?

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