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i had originally purchased this book because it featured an interview with Annie Sprinkle the famed porn star.

I wanted to read her views on sex and aating and see if it could be applied to my situation, it was.

To me, most of the negative reviews our here are by guys who want to read simplistic books on getting sex. For me I walked away from reading this with an understanding of how to approach women about sex, discuss sexual topics, and a deeper understanding of myself in the process.Music DEMI MOORE ZOOM SLOW MOTION SEXY DANCE STRIPTEASE Demi Moore - Hot scene in Disclosure.Sexual Escalation Secrets - Free PDF hosting, PDF file sharing and.Louis then concludes that he has answered the question that Freud failed to achieve--what do women want?There is one underlining point that Louis does find that is legitimate--women seek men that have confidence.

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