Bitdefender is not updating relaxed phylogenetics and dating with confidence 2016

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Until there is a reliable fix from Google, I have to relegate the Chrome Browser to the dust heap of history. I'm very experienced technically and this one has me baffled. This started a week or two ago, perhaps with an update.

One thing I noticed where Chrome really barfed on was in-address bar searches. I will keep trying though, but not in the middle of prime production time. I'm very experienced technically and this one has me baffled.

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I've 50Mbps always from comcast, still youtube is slow, netflix is slow (though it works fine in my xbox one), even google maps is slow, daily motion is slow. i've checked for anti virus none, checked unwanted plugins none, no extn running in chrome. As suggested, I've uninstalled Bit Defender and disabled H/W acceleration, will post an update how it works after these 2 changes.

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Other browsers are working fine, but I prefer Chrome! I have seen this change of policy in google for some years, now.

I can't understand what the geniuses in their headquarters have in their minds, but it doesn't seem to work. When chrome beta first launched was faster than every browser around; 40 iterations later and it looks like 40 times slower and consuming much more than Vista was at its prime.

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