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"Oh come on Nellie, you get to admit you're not the most cheerfullest person in the world.""Marissa." I pulled my arm out in front of her to make her stop walking. For me, I much rather be someone who does the thing she loves while getting picked on than hiding in the shadows, never getting to show the world her talent.Think about it." At that, Marissa walked away from me; she really did leave me with something to think about.When the gleek had looked up at me, I realized that I had been standing there, just staring at him. "Yeah, just thinking of stuff." I noticed that Marissa was the only one sitting with me.I tore my eyes away from him and quickly started walking away from him. Just alittle while ago, I remembered the whole group was here. ""The bell rang for class; I can't believe you didn't hear it." Marissa stated, putting up her plate to go. ""Cause you love sings and will do it for the sake of a friend? ""No way, I'm not about to get slushied in the face everyday until the end of my highschool life." I began to walk fast to my class, hoping I could ditch her.

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Nellie, 19 - a coffeehouse performer in the vein of Joan Osborne and Tracey Chapman.

This girl with short-black hair was just standing about 4 feet from me, just looking at me.

Once we made eye-connection, she quickly looked away.

I was on my way to English class when some jock (his name is Blake, I remember him from my Spanish class) passed by me.

As he was passing, I noticed he had a drink in his hand.

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