Blake lively dating ryan gosling

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Funnily enough, Bullock would later go on to date another famous Ryan — as would one of the other lovely ladies on this list.

Gosling and Mc Adams relationship is certainly one of the most well-known in Hollywood.

Back in October, there was a report that Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling were getting it on.

This report was quickly quashed by Blake’s rep, who denied the whole thing to Gossip Cop, claiming that Blake was still riding Penn Badgley. Anyway, this is just the long way of telling you that Blake and Ryan are very likely “on”. Blake is a high-flier, and she’s been itching to trade up from Penn for months.

To be fair, though, they acted super weird when asked if they were a couple in an interview.

According to People, Gosling whistled "as if to pretend he didn't hear the question" and Williams couldn't stop grinning.

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The next day, Dennings tweeted, "Got kidnapped to Disneyland today..eyes were closed until a big flashing Mickey balloon was in front of my face.“It introduced me to one of the great loves of my life.But people do Rachel and me a disservice by assuming we were anything like the people in that movie.And, of course, that was the same year she began dating her now-husband — and former beau of Gosling-ex Bullock — Ryan Reynolds.In January of 2011, after their performances in "Blue Valentine", Gosling and Williams had to fend off rumors they were dating.

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