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It's safe, clean and in the perfect location so no real complaints. And we are looking forward on your next occasion in our hotel. Best Regards stayed at the Thon Hotel recently...perfectly comfortable and practical city centre hotel, however I found it slightly strange that there was a great breakfast selection in a big open restaurant that wasn't open/utilised in the evenings?Dear Kev, First of all we would like to thank you for taking the time to write an evaluation about your stay with us in Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre. ....meant we eat outside of the hotel every evening...which was fine as the weather was good....sure I would have been so keen if it was pouring down with rain...seemed there was something missing in not having an evening restaurant option.....These Flickr photos document my new beloved home city of Brussels, Belgium, my life among the people and Kingdom who have given me safety in the face of the threats to destroy me.Brussels has a noble history of providing a safe haven to dissident refugee writers, such as Victor Hugo, Karl Marx, Charles Baudelaire, and Alexandre Dumas, and I shall forever be grateful that Brussels and Belgium have helped to protect my own life as well.We are glad to hear that you enjoyed your stay in our hotel and the location is this convenient for you. Dear Barry, Thank you for filling in the satisfaction survey about your stay with us in Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre.It is always a pleasure to read reviews like yours and it encourage us to continue in the same way. Indeed our restaurant is only opened at breakfast time which is untill .First of all you can't actually see anything because all windows were steamed. And I just forgot that this "straight downstairs" bit was actually 15 min wait for a lift every time you have a desire to go down and exit this place. We want to thank you for the information about our sauna and indeed we do not have any rules regarding this matter yet.

There are a lot of restaurants close to our hotel with average prices.

In individualistic Belgian fashion, this is rather an evocative and erotically-themed sculpture for the front of a major financial centre building, which houses Belgian government financial bureaus as well as offices of commercial enterprises.

Of the two women in the sculpture, one is more classically feminine in appearance with longer hair, the other is more boyish-looking with a shorter hairstyle, though one quickly sees she also has unmistakably female breasts.

The rooms are really good and the staff are great and courteous. We are very glad to hear that you had such a good stay at our hotel and we will defintly share your comments with our staff. Best Regards, Whenever I go to Brussels I like to have things that have become familiar if not second nature .

Breakfast a little expensive for what it is, but I am using this hotel again this sunday! Thon City Centre is just that., The service is reliable , the front desk friendly and multilingual .... Dear Anna, We are happy to hear that you had such a good time in Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre.

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