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We also have a supermodel who has been with two Wall Street moguls.As if having millions or billions of dollars isn't enough, Wall Street moguls tend to win on another front: beautiful women.Aside from being the Masters of the Universe making the big bucks, some Wall Streeters have managed to become romantically involved with some super hot celebrities.We've compiled a list supermodels, movie stars and socialites who have had a thing for Wall Street guys.A signal goes off that says people who simplify this transaction are in a sense, playing themselves.Over simplifying the situation masks this complication. No, not every Wall Streeter thinks this behavior is acceptable.This is despite a bunch of arguments for why this isn't a big deal that I've heard on the Street: * I've even heard women argue that this relationship can be a form of female empowerment — forget the objectification of women. It's a seemingly simple quid pro quo that still creeps people out.

Also, the more they've been rewarded, the less interested they are in the reward.Some of the relationships have flourished, while others have ended.During our search, we even found one hedge funder who has managed to be with two celebrities.Like a perfect trade in the market, it's a pretty rational tit for tat.The way Homans saw it, social reactions basically involved people repeating actions they get rewarded for.

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