Chelsea new york dating

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The love triangle between Spencer, Stevie and Billie intensified the next day as Stevie took Billie out on a rowboat on the lake.

The Chelsea boy pulled out all the stops for the New Yorker as he presented her with a picnic filled with typical British delicacies.

"Every time I see you, I feel like I enjoy your company more and more," revealed a smitten Stevie before he sealed the deal with a kiss.

" He admitted that he really likes her and the two agreed to a second date.

Meanwhile, Jules was spotted meeting up with his live-in girlfriend of two years, Jana, and openly admitted that he is surprised that people are shocked with their polyamorous lifestyle.

The model later revealed to Alik that he wasn't sure when would be the right moment to reveal his unorthodox relationship to Rosie, as he still was interested in dating her.

Meanwhile, lovebirds Alik and Louise strolled the East Side neighbourhood and seemed intent on setting up mutual friends, Rosie and Jules, following their successful romantic double date.

As love blossomed in the East Side, across town, Spencer revealed he was excited to ask newcomer, Billie, out on a second date.

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