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Hell, I want someone to turn this into a After that, the novel is less technologically surreal and more of a straightforward rom-com, except for one awesome moment.

Stanwood moves to Nattie’s town and starts rooming with Quimby.

That’s really saying something, too, because my mother could and can figure out how to do just about anything and do it well.

A self-taught cook, she made magic in the kitchen (except for that one time when she made shipwreck, but hey, we all screw up sometimes).

This isn’t true; he’s actually someone who worked alongside “C” in “C”s office, and who learned about Nattie and decided to pay a visit. He’s such a creep that Nattie shooes him away and falls into a funk.

My wife and I frequently gchat with each other when I’m upstairs working and she’s downstairs working in our own house, not merely because it’s easier than hollering up and down the stairs but because we enjoy a different sort of conversation via text.Way back when, a month or so before Halloween, Mom would ask what we wanted to be that year. If I had four kids deeply involved in tennis, baseball, band, swimming, soccer and piano, I’d be in triage mode until October 29 at the earliest and wouldn’t ask a question any more open-ended than, “Which one are you, again? She let our Halloween imaginations roam and then did a heroic job of keeping up with them, no matter what it took.Miss Nattie Rogers, telegraph operator, lived, as it were, in two worlds.You see, I remember one or two young men in telegraph offices, whose collars and cuffs are always soiled, you know! “It would be dreadfully unromantic to fall in love with a soiled invisible, wouldn’t it,” said Miss Archer, with an expressive shrug of her shoulders.I’m not going to spoil the book any more, because frankly you all should go and read it right now.

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