Dating a girl with an ex boyfriend

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I would want to know the whole deal though so I don't get taken by surprise. She stalks his house, goes through his garbage to scrutinize his credit card statements.

So communicate everything to the guy, it can make a big difference. I have this great guy for you, but there's one drawback. Be prepared for your cell phone number to be posted online to lesbian S&M-oriented websites.

Please don't think this problem will just resolve itself. Sometimes financial consequences can deter this kind of behaviour, but you can trust the police to be next-to-useless.

He is completely nuts and [I don't know why but..] He's totally obsessed.[we've been broken up for at least 5 months now] Hes said he watches me, and passes by my house, and that if he finds out I'm seeing someone he'll "get his revenge"... I am able to take care of myself so it wouldn't bother me as much as it would some guys.I'm afraid he'll start drama, or do something totally rash. I've had two instances where different women's Ex's have tried physically to hurt me.So communicate everything to the guy, it can make a big difference. Im also into firearms and started keeping them closer, always! It sure seems to me that I heard much much more in your question than you realize.1. If you want things to change for you, it will be up to you to act on them and change them… I don't try to make excuses for my poor choices, I realize it was a mistake dating him but while we were together, it never got to this point till I actually did decide to break up with him, When I told him how I felt like moving on, its like all hell broke loose.I always thought he was just a little jealous, until He pulled this..."If i can't have you nobody can" type of Sh*t. Not a fan of drama, but more importantly, if the girl can't get rid of a guy and move on, then I don't want to get involved with her.

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