Dating an exotic dancer women dating unemployed men

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Our parents have instilled in us to go after the best and society has taught us to go after someone that an equal.

Being cute and appearing young tends to bring in the most cash.

My theory is that because older men want exactly what they wanted in high school.

Like why is it wrong for a lawyer to date a corrections officer, or a Banker to date an exotic dancer?

See if you pay attention to those 2 examples i just gave you 4 people from different employment backgrounds that can help each other our. A banker involved with a dancer can help her with investing her tip money or a corrections officer is free marketing for a Lawyer. We always look at it on the point if he/she's not educated he/she is not on my level.

Learn when to be persistent, and when to abandon the chase.

If you want a woman who loves to dance, makes all your friends jealous, and brings other girls home to play with you, then The Strip Club Dating Survival Guide can show you the way.

Written by a club insider to help the average guy turn his stripper girlfriend fantasy into a reality.

Since I have the attention span of a goldfish, I'm just going write it out as a list and hope it helps someone (or at least offers a good laugh). Every customer has a different taste in women; appealing to that particular taste is the only way to keep the customer for more dances.

There are three major looks that are normally found in a club: Outfits that are fun and flirty, in pink or other fun, bright colors tend to appeal to customers who are looking for the younger-looking girl-next-door.

Clear plastic shoes are the easiest to wear with an outfit like this because they go with any color and don't draw attention to your feet.

On the other hand, lollipops and rainbow leg warmers are ridiculous.

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