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Never managed to last more than 4 months with any of them until I met my son's father, which lasted a, frankly gobsmacking, 6 years. On the plus side I have a fab relationship with my ex - now we are apart!

Again I had a very similar experience to that of Kathymel.

the only thing have ever given myself completely to in a relationship is alcohol that'l only make sense to the alki's on here and maybe not even them!!!!!

Til the end of the last one a couple of years ago - just thought right, that's it, I've had enough, they don't work for me, I don't want a relationship ever again, I'm happier and more stable just being on my own - no dramas, no ups and downs, no roller coasters, no gut-wrenching feelings of despair then elation - all as a result of another person.

So I've been on my own with the kids since then and I can honestly say this was the best decision I've ever taken.

I also feel I can only fill my life with ONE major 'Thing' i.e. I've been in education for the past 4 years - and could no way enter into thinking about a relationship as the course took 110% of my headspace! Again I had a very similar experience to that of Kathymel.

I also have this feeling that relationships happen to 'grown ups' which I also feel the same about work - and hence why i went back to uni - as I wasnt coping with the responsibilities of the work-place anyone else the same? Had an unending succession of brief relationships from the moment I realised boys existed until the age of 29. Not sure if this is my brain's way of saying, 'FFS, give up! I have found that the only entities that I can consistently maintain a wholesome and meaningful relationship with are my children and that takes the edge off the feeling of being "alone".

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