Dating antique china

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The art of making decorated porcelain ware originated in China more than 1,000 years ago.

From 960 through 1127, during the Song dynasty, emperors established factories to produce porcelain for the royal family.

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Among its many innovations, Meissen gets credit for introducing the porcelain figurine.Antique China dolls were made by various, mostly German companies from 1836 to the 1940s.Glazed porcelain China head dolls (unglazed porcelain dolls are referred to as Parian dolls) are usually found on a wood, cloth or kid body with some dolls having partial China limbs as well.Most China dolls found, have molded painted hair, but some have a wig over a solid bald dome head.China head dolls range in size from a tiny 3 inches to a big and very heavy 40 inches tall.

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