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Of course, once you've found where you'd like to stay, a long term lease is going to work out cheaper.The first inhabitants of the archipelago that became known as the Philippines were mainly of Malay origin.You'll also enjoy amenities you've come to expect (and some you wouldn't), because Philippines timeshare includes extra living space, fully-functional kitchens, and furnishings with a local flare.the Philippines local language, and while all filipinos are taught English at school, learning the basics helps a lot in understanding the people and will be an asset in many aspects of living, socialising (especially with the ladies! Many books and dictionaries are available to learn To successfully move to the Philippines, it is important to be armed with the right information.

Many Western men, especially those with failed marriages and relationships in their own countries, are drawn to making a new life in the tropics, countries like Thailand and the Philippines among their favourite destinations. Apart from the different culture and more exotic lifestyle of tropical Southeast Asia, with warm seas, sandy beaches, island paradise getaways, mountains, lakes, food, traditions and culture, there are THE WOMEN! The beauty and 'caring friendliness' of Asian women is legendary, which is why the Philippines is deservedly a favourite place for Western men to holiday, work, retire, and of course marry.

Over the centuries, Middle Eastern, Indian and Chinese traders visited the islands, all leaving the mark of their own Asian cultures as well as those of Spain and South America, including the Portuguese-speaking countries.

So this has influenced music, clothing and fashion, and most of all, the food.

However it's quite often that a Filipina (lady from the Philippines) has already captured his heart and he settles there permanently and starts a family.

There's something for everyone, and for many Westerners the Philippines is a Due to the Philippines' colonial past including 400 years under Spanish control administered from Mexico, when the Catholic religion was introduced and remains prominent to this day. It was jokingly summed up as 400 years of living in a Convent, followed by 40 years of Hollywood!

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