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Today KNM–ER 1470 is generally believed by long-agers to be around 1.9 million years old—a million years younger than Leakey’s official ‘date’. A lot of people, including many scientists who are not geologists, believe that long-age radioisotope dating provides a reliable and empirical measurement of real age. Long-age-believing scientists decide on the age of rock formations according to their naturalistic, secular philosophy, using pre-conceived fossil ages that fit evolutionary assumptions and which trump all other considerations.Like the sandpiper track discovery in the Santo Domingo formation, Leakey’s hominid fossil discovery resulted in a massive change in the radiometric date for the rock formation. What if a rabbit fossil was found in ‘Precambrian’ rock?

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In the first, the geologists already believed the formation to be around 200 million years old on the basis of an extinct fossil tree—and they received a date very close to this from the laboratory.Because it was found below this volcanic layer, Leakey estimated his newly-discovered and soon-to-be-famous fossil KNM–ER 1470 was 2.9 million years old.This date was popular for a while, but was eventually challenged by other paleontologists using further radioisotope Jonathan O'Brien Using well-known radioisotope technology, scientists dated the Santo Domingo rock formation in Argentina at 212 million years old.This happened to agree well with a nearby geologic formation that was also radiometrically dated.

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