Dating daria rostov on don online dating affectiveness

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She Said that Due to Equipment Upgrades at Her Place of Employment, She would Soon Be on Mandatory Vacation & Would Prefer to Spend it With me, Rather than an Empty Flat.She Would Pay All Expenses to Meet me & Would Stay Approximately 3 Weeks.

Then in the middle of this time period she told me that some unforseen problems had arisen and she was short of enough money to make the trip.

I was unable after 5 or 6 calls to confirm with Delta that Julia was on the passenger list, so I told her that I would send the money only if I could confirm that she was a scheduled passenger and her flight was paid in full.

I asked her for a confirmation number and ticket number and she gave me bogus numbers that didn't check out.

At that point I made a more vigorous check of the internet by googling her email address and I found that there were several inquiries about her email address, and she had previously told me specifically that I was the only man she was corresponding with. I googled some phrases from her emails and they came up on IDENTICAL TEMPLATE EMAILS being used by known scammers. Dan (USA) Report N5 (added on March, 11, 2011) Just new her as Olga. Various correspondence but went to get visa in Moscow and all was well but said she couldn't get on the plane until she proved she had 1500 euros to live for her 3 month stay. Paul (England) Report N6 (added on March, 17, 2011) Known scammer.

Mike (Germany) Report N7 (added on October, 26, 2012) Received random email from her.

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