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Since its a relatively short flight, I booked a ticket for a weekend. BUT then I found out why he was surprised I was so calm. Not because he was almost an hour late, but because he was about to drop a bomb on me.

A few of them ended up chatting with our table, asking us to cheer them on and make judgment calls about pucks on the line. I’m a little worried about the younger generation of men who aren’t bold enough to make a phone call, or even send a text.

I got a cryptic text later Saturday evening from the guy, making sure I got home safely. How is it possible that common sense flies out the window when a guy is involved? Then, to my surprise, he added me as a friend on facebook.

So, the silver lining of the story (aside from all the sky miles) is that I saved weeks of my time not actually dating some guy who was clearly still in love with his ex. It has just been weeks of constant texting and calling about such mindless bullshit. That, and it is endlessly annoying as a friend who has to be the constant voice of reason for ridiculously stupid questions. He didn’t call, or even text, he added me as a friend on facebook. For some reason, maybe my age/generation, this seemed like a really personal thing to do without having any other contact with me. Anyway, to make things even more interesting, he waited until he saw my little green facebook chat dot online before he messaged me.

The absolutely awful part of the story is that I “lost” to a lady who is obviously emotionally unstable (since she is threatening to kill herself to get male attention) and is waaaaaay less cute than me. Here are some examples: Friend: He’s texting me instead of calling me…waaah…he obviously doesn’t like me…what did he saaaaaay about me? Friend: He invited me to go over and hang out at his house at 10pm on Friday night. A few months ago, I was watching the BCS Championship (it was actually a massacre for Notre Dame) with my BFF K at a really lovely sports bar. My friend L, who usually dates younger guys, explained to me that this is the new MO because the guy knows you see his message and you have to write back.

Friend: I don’t like that he wants to wait all week to take me out and doesn’t want to see me soon. I know it sounds bad, but I really want a chance to talk to him one on one. By the second half, everyone lost interest in the game and we just continued drinking and hanging out. Facebook chat is really taking a lot of the risk and butterflies out of talking to guys.

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