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Cependant, les propositions dont les auteurs contribuent chacun à une section du livre ne seront pas acceptées.

Although Ukraine may seem far away, it only takes a few hours to get there, and, since 2005, EU citizens have not needed a visa to travel there!

Let us help to give you the best possible chances to find love!!!

During that initial discussions, depending on your motivations and before you enter into any commitment, I will suggest a few candidates who may meet your expectations (age, children, personality, physique, interests, personal or professional plans, etc.) and whose search profile you may match.

We will then get to the heart of the matter: effective, targeted introductions.

My name is Kateryna Baratova and I invite you to discover my marriage agency, Heart of the East.

Kharkov is home to some 1.5 million inhabitants and is known as one of the greatest cultural and academic centres in Ukraine.

So I want to give you the opportunity to meet Russian and Ukrainian women from my home town...

who are known to be the most beautiful women in all of Ukraine.

Une structure sommaire de l’essai peut également être soumise, ainsi que les titres des chapitres provisoires et une justification de votre capacité à achever le livre dans le délai imparti (environ neuf mois). Le lauréat sera annoncé en mai 2017 et son livre sera publié en mai 2018.

Pour plus d'informations, veuillez cliquer ici, lire les lignes directrices à destination des candidats ici, lire le règlement ici ou envoyer un email à [email protected]

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