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For the first hour (UTC –), this phenomenon affects inhabited territories, whereas during the second hour (UTC –) it only affects an uninhabited maritime time zone twelve hours behind UTC.Originally, the date line ran along the 180° meridian.It was decided that they should have the same date than New Zealand, so the date line runs east of the meridian there.Kiribati is a state consisting of many small islands, spread over a huge portion of the Pacific; the meridian runs right through the state.When travelling from New Zealand to Hawaii the clocks must be switched 22 hours backwards, about one day.

There are many groups of islands in the Pacific Ocean.

The result was that the eastern part of Kiribati was a whole day and two hours behind the western part of the country where its capital is located.

In 1995 Kiribati decided to move the International Date Line far to the east- which placed the entire country into the same day.

Examples of this are the Aleutian Islands, which are on both sides of the 180° meridian.

They are part of Alaska, and are therefore all in the UTC-10 timezone. There are a few Islands, east of the 180°, which belong to New Zealand.

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