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This 1998 was fitted — either when purchased or later by Pete — with a Gibson ES-175 “zig-zag” tailpiece.

His second was a 360/12 “Export,” from Jim Marshall’s, for £169, both of which are likely pictured below in the 1964-era High Numbers photos.

When I brought it out the top of the neck was left behind. There were a couple of people from art school I knew at the front of the stage and they were laughing their heads off.

One of them was literally rolling about on the floor laughing and his girlfriend was kind of looking at me smirking, you know, going ‘flash cunt and all that’.

Not only were Ricks his first persistent stage guitar, they helped define the early Who recordings, from I Can’t Explain, Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (both likely using the 1964 360/12 “Export” pictured below) and My Generation (a Rose, Morris Co., LTD, 1998), into the second .

Pete used (and abused) various Rickenbacker models, which were imported by the Rose, Morris Co., LTD, which still operates as a music store in London (, Shaftesbury Ave.

It was one of the first five that came into the UK, and I had one of them as well.

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Plus, they reappeared in the stage rig, first, in at least once in 1980 (at Hallenstadion, in Zürich, Switzerland, 28 March, 1980), with a Jetglo 12-string; then on the 1989 tour (Fireglo 1993 reissue [or 330/12] and reissue 360/12V64 12-strings) and the 1993 Psychoderelict tour (likely Fireglo 360/12V64 12-strings).I stayed with Rickenbackers for a long time and then I started to use Fenders. Peter records many singles for the group and other artistes in his own studio which cost £1,000 to set up.He gets through eight sets of strings a month at one guinea each — and 100 picks a month at 2 each.In 1987, Rickenbacker released a Pete Townshend Limited Edition Rickenbacker model 1997PT guitar, based on the the six-string Rose Morris Co., LTD, Rickenbacker 1998 model Pete used extensively in 19. All quotes and references are copyright their original owners and are included for reference only.The toggle switch thing was literally to make the guitar sound like a machine gun when it was feeding back.

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