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Three months later, though, the researchers asked the same students to rate their classmates again.

Lo and behold, many of the ratings had changed: the students’ opinions of who was datable had been informed by time together in class.

At the start of the semester, they asked students in small classes to rate the desirability of their classmates.

(Desirability could incorporate non-physical attributes as well as good looks.) When the researchers looked at the ratings, they found that most students agreed on who was hot and who was not.

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Is dating less of a “competitive market” when it’s among friends rather than at a bar or a house party?

If that’s the case, it doesn’t seem like beauty is in the eye of the beholder for online daters.

Because like the couples in the study that were equally attractive, they never know their matches before they start dating.

If an average player beats a grandmaster, her score increases significantly.

If a great player loses to an even better player, his elo score only drops a few points.

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