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Retro wallpaperis our passion – after all, that’s where it all started.We continue to nurture this passion and are constantly expanding the concept of retro décor.Retro is never out, as every past craze will become fashionable again in years to come, when new designersre-discover and reinterpret the style.

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Our wallpapers are meticulously reproduced from original documents and hand-printed by skilled artisans using the same methods and materials employed in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.Our commitment to quality, historical accuracy and uncompromised production values are our assurance to customers that Adelphi products are the finest quality block printed papers available on the market today. It features scenes from nursery rhymes including “The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe.” It was made using an engraved roller-print with oil colors on light tan ground.The word alone evokes memories and emotions and reflects an enthusiasm for the art of design and for the most remarkable eras in art history.Every important decade in terms of design is represented in our retro range.

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