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He intended to offer it to another artist but then decided to keep it for a K-Ci and Jo Jo record. It also earned the pair two Grammy Award nominations.

i heard Tom met her after she attended a show of theirs.

The real life Delilah attended the Grammy Awards celebration with Tom Higgenson.

Watch Video Check Amazon rating » Taylor Swift wrote "Love Story" after an experience with a boy who never officially became her boyfriend.

Her introduction of him to family and friends did not go well.

The idea of the skate key in a lock was seen by some as a metaphor for sexual acts.I don't think its about a pedophile; I don't know what the author intended. English is not my first language, I like this song. I cannot help bet laugh at the people who find that it 'reminds them of so-and-so'. Although I disagree about the song "sucking", he is correct in that NEITHER THE PLAIN WHITE T'S NOR ANYONE IN THAT BAND wrote the song "Hey There Delilah". It says the release date is 2005 but I hear all over the radio now on all the top 40 stations everywhere I have been in the country the last 3 months(Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma). I met a boy I fell in love with from a different continent but he didnt want to keep it going long-distance as he wanted us both to live our lives free.I just think the interpretation lies with the listener. Have a concert because of this song, we buy tickets because this song easy to understand for the ESL student all over the world. The only song that can possibly me more obnoxious than this one is 'Roxanne' by the Police (by the way I like the Police). Was this released 2 years ago and it didn't get big or promoted til now?? I still love him and talk to him all the time and I know he misses me too but theres nothing either of us can do,we plan on getting back together next summer,but weather that happens Im not sure....... I say semi because we're not an item, but we could be except for distance. this song is NOT about an child predator, Delilah is in her 20's.Tom Higgenson WROTE it, so techincally it is by the Plain White T's, smart one."Truly Madly Deeply" went on to spend a full year on the pop chart and 123 weeks, more than two years, in total on the adult contemporary chart.The dance group Cascada covered "Truly, Madly, Deeply" in 2006 and hit the dance radio chart. The song then topped the pop, adult contemporary, and R&B charts.

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