Error validating users agent execution

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Please be aware that we do not add user agents to the database on request, but rather wait to see them in our log files.

The following user agents have either not been identified or do not fit neatly into other categories.

You can get this Exception: when the following preconditions are true: 1. If following preconditions are true and you click a postbacking control/link and the page hasn’t loaded completely in client browser, you might get the "Validation of View State MAC failed" exception.

If you update and still have the problem, please post here so we know. It appears when using built-in databound controls such as Grid View, Details View or Form View which utilize “Data Key Names”. It appears if you have a large page which loads slowly for any reason.

To use this form just copy and paste an entire User-Agent string from your server log file into the input box and then submit the form.

The search is case-sensitive so "nokia" will not match "Nokia".

Scan Mail for Lotus Notes versions 2.5x use Trend VCS agents.

The Scan Mail for Lotus Notes Agent database, (or ntf) must be signed and set up from within Notes before it is accessible from the Control Manager console.

Most entries link to an "official" site containing more detailed information.

Register For Event Validation method in order to register the postback or callback data for validation.

If the data is valid and expected, use the Client Script Manager.

(For additional information regarding HTTP passwords, please consult your Notes documentation.) The Notes HTTP task must be running on the Notes server where the Scan Mail agent is installed to access the agent from the Control Manager management console.

In addition, several Scan Mail options exist that are unique to Control Manager.

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