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Yes, the police come round and close down the Bia Hoi’s and the bars pull down the shutters, but where there’s expats in need of booze and music, there’s always a way!Check out some of the cool and cheap tours you could do in Hoan Kiem Lake.The majority of backpackers tend to treat Hanoi as a necessary transit point to get to Halong Bay and Sapa; stopping only for a night or two and getting drunk on tourist-quality Bia Hoi in the Old Quarter and visiting Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum.But if you stick around for long enough you’ll soon discover that there’s a lot more on offer here than cheap beer and the preserved carcass of a communist idol!

Everything else is cheaper here too – food; drink; mechanics; furniture; electronics….everything you need to kit out your new place.There are many English-speaking shops selling/renting bikes to foreigners and most of them are in the Old Quarter, which means more tourists, higher prices and a lack of after sales care.Our advice, get out of the tourist area and go to the Vietnamese bike market on Chua Ha Street, Cau Giay. We bought all of our bikes from Quang Minh and he soon became one of our best friends in the city.If you want to enjoy Hanoi and the surrounding area to the fullest, you’re gonna need a way to get around.In Vietnam the number one way to travel is by motorbike.

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