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I'm not sure how I've always been so unlucky, but when I've thought I was about to have penetration sex, then they've asked me not to get inside them for one reason or another: "I'm not on the Pill" "My I... » Read more One night after I had already gone to bed with the hope of masturbating as I lay there, the phone rang.

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We have become so close as friends we have adopted each other as forgotten sisters!

Our Dad had triple bypass surgery eight months ago.(He's doing great now) She... After about a year of a close friendship, things started to get even closer.

One day we were talking on the phone and we started talking about sexual things. » Read more A couple of nights ago I let my wife know very casually that I needed steak and pussy for dinner.

» Read more I hadn't thought of my sister in a sexual way, aside from the usual growing-up curiosity and exploration, until eight months ago.

She is two years younger than me and is single after a divorce 20 years ago. I thought he was the most hottest thing I would have ever seen.

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