Field guide for dating a surfer

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Equally important though is what Tribal Surf is not. It is not an affiliate site; there is no Tribal Skating or Tribal Macramé.

Depending on how your tribe chief has set the tribe governance, you may be able to create your own events and media albums.To search for members, expand the “Get Tribal” menu up top and click on the “Members” section. Everyone starts out as a “Kook” and progresses onto “Local” and at some point maybe, just maybe … Sorry dude, we didn’t think you would actually be that popular. You can shut down any or all of these email notifications by going to your profile (click on your name anywhere), then click on “Settings,” and in the sub-menu click on “Email.” Here’s where you can toggle these auto emails on or off.Here you can search members and also view a map of all active members. We may still send you one-off emails though on particularly special Tribal stuffs.Click on “Profile” and a sub-menu will appear below the main buttons allowing you to edit your profile. Anyway, you can also loose karma by deleting, unfriending, or de-tribing.Now, others with similar backgrounds can search for you since your profile is updated. As you accumulate more karma, your local rep improves. Take note, you generally loose 1 more karma than you earned so you can’t game the system, bro.

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