Forms the basis of archaeomagnetic dating

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There are also studies which investigate the manufacturing technique of particular cases [16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25].

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The method is based on the findings of Chiari and Lanza [31] who reported that the direction of the magnetic field persisted in the hematite of the red pigments of the pictorial layer in the Sistine Chapel.

We use mainly thin sections for the study and other types of analysis to reinforce the results.

Thus, combining the data on composition and structure of the plasters with their instrumental dating and archaeological characteristics, we intended to answer the following questions: Special attention was paid to the controversial issue of interpretation of the organic compounds in the plasters: our purpose was to identify them and to understand whether they were introduced intentionally as part of technological manipulations or appeared accidentally due to natural processes.

Subsequently, this technique was used to date the red pictorial layers at Cholula, the Templo Mayor, and Cacaxtla with good results [32].

In this paper, we characterize the lime plasters of Dzibanché, including the proportions of inclusions, and try to relate those features to the dates obtained by archaeomagnetic dating and to their architectural function in the building.

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