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Recent ideas of equality and compatibility betweenmen and women have affected many of the young, leading to new types of relationships and marriages.Yet families frequently maintain great influencein their children’s lives and choices.Through-out Indonesia’s history, men have introduced new styles, ideas, foods, and so forth to their home regions.Imagin ably, a desire to impress women has continuously motivated their far-flung quests for the new.In indonesia, traditional and modern relationships are very different.In traditional relationship, parents play an important role in mate selection as we are not all like that is happening because the customs in this country, so that there was an arranged marriage, whether it will be from their respective regions.Even in grass huts without electricity, old-styled irons containing hot coals ensure that residents emerge in neatly pressed clothing.Cleanliness is fundamental to physical attractiveness and scented bath and beauty products are immensely popular in Indonesia.

But not all parents do so sometime respect the wishes of his parents who don’t want in a mate’s.

Unless afamily is very poor and seeking higher connections or greedy for bride price,they will rarely force a girl into a marriage that she does not want.

Men some-times wed to suit their parents, then give their wives minimal attention andcontinue to philander.

As for the modern relationship like one more dominant child to choose their own partner, it is because of the influence from the outside. A child wanted to marry a partner of his choice, while for parents who not agree with her more options, they have always rejected her choice. A child who isn’t biased to accept it always acted arbitrarily because too love for partner sometimes kids are always doing things that harm themselves as hopeless and eventually committed suicide. Relationship Traditional and Modern Indonesia courtship nowadays widespread and does not have to lead to marriage.

Now, Many couples are dating with emphasis on sex than their honor.

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