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It was during the big Food Network event at the Lowes Hotel. People constantly approach him and he tries to act smooth but you can tell he loves the attention. I have a story involving him but I am too tired to type. Nancy Fuller's (Farmhouse Rules) very wealthy husband has a tight connection with Food Network execs and that's how she got her show.

A woman said hello to him and he acted as though she had asked for money. Ree Drummond's (Pioneer Woman) even wealthier husband may not have had the connections but still they bought their way on the air.

She also had an older brother who died years ago from cancer. It's obvious they wanted to find PD 2.0, and they did with her. No FN reality shows, no 24 hour Guy Fieri marathons, no FN Star, just people with big personalities cooking and traveling. What happened in the past between Jacqui Malhouf and Bobby when they did his Grillin and Chillin show at that mansion in Southampton?

Every last one of them.” And boy, would he ever know.

The truth is, he comes from a privileged Mexican family, and his mother is a very renowned Mexican chef. About 10 years ago, he hosted his own show on the Food Network, and there was a lot of buzz in the media about him being the next hot young chef.

I guess he wanted to build up his Mexican "street cred," so he got those stupid tattoos.

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