How to go from flirting to dating

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Rather than pray to the goddess of coquetry to tap you with her magic wand, let Cosmo arm you with seduce-him-silly ammo that's guaranteed to blow a man's mind — anytime, anyplace. Whether you're looking to entice a sexy stranger or hook a hunk you have more-than-friendly feelings for, we have body language that'll break the ice, lines that'll lure him and tactics that'll keep him in a trance.These maneuvers will make him feel like a man while putting you in control.You might not be able to switch completely on or off, but you can turn it up and put a dimmer on it.SWITCHING ON Below is a list of tips and exercises that can help you switch on. There are a lot of people who think flirting is a skill that you either have or don’t.Let’s say you are having a conversation with someone you might be interested in dating.This could be a new acquaintance, a coworker, an online match, or a classmate.For some people, no matter what takes place in the conversation, they are interpreting it in a nice-and-friendly sort of way. These sorts of people are switched off, and they miss opportunities all of the time. This means they are always thinking about the conversation in terms of attraction – whether sexual or romantic.

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They often think that someone else is interested in them, and they flirt back mistakenly.

When you are switched off, the signal you send to others is that you are being nice or friendly or just uninterested.

And you interpret others’ messages in the same way.

People want to be ambiguous and indirect, play games and play hard to get, all the while hoping that their crush picks up on their clues.

If their crush is switched on, they have a better chance of making something happen.

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