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Given that the C-14 proportion is currently increasing, the actual age could in fact be much lower.But it cannot be higher, because if the coal and natural gas were as old as the evolutionary paradigm requires, the C-14 in them would have decayed long ago.[5] Evolutionists have speculated that the C-14 may be due to contamination from other radioactive elements in the surrounding rock.Someone enters the room moments later and sees that a flask is only 1/4th full and presumes it has been there for three days.They are using the prior ratio, not the diluted one.It is impossible to determine whether it has always been increasing (as argued by some creationists) or whether it has undergone cycles of increase and decrease (as argued by other creationists and evolutionary scientists).But one thing is certain: there is no reason to believe that the C-14: C-12 proportion has been constant throughout time, and good reason to believe it has been different, and often lower, in the past than it is today.Through the life of the organism, the proportion of C-14 to C-12 reaches the same proportion as in the rest of the environment.When the organism dies, however, it ceases to incorporate carbon into its body.

If this ratio is inconsistent, Carbon-14 dating cannot be accurate.

At this point, and for the years following, the C-14 in the sample begins to decay back into N-14, while the C-12 does not decay.

Both C-14 and C-12 are lost as the body decays, but they are lost proportionally, so that the proportion of C-14 to C-12 decreases slowly for thousands of years after the death of the organism.

However, they have not backed these speculations with experiment or observation, which is, of course, the work of scientists.

Other evolutionists have speculated that the excess C-14 might be due to contamination in the sample.

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