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The first use of the term "creationist" to describe a proponent of creationism is found in an 1856 letter of Charles Darwin describing those who objected on religious grounds to the emerging science of evolution.A further important element is the interpretation of the Biblical chronology, the elaborate system of life-spans, "generations," and other means by which the Bible measures the passage of events from the Creation (Genesis 1:1) to the Book of Daniel, the last biblical book in which it appears.

Sadly, in swathes of the Islamic world, women are still murdered for wrongful dress.Too much UVA exposure is harmful whatever your complexion and sunstroke is also very unpleasant.So it’s very sensible for women to cover up on the beach.The French resort of Cannes has banned full-body, head-covering swimsuits worn by some Muslim women from its beaches, citing security concernsrance’s anxiety-displacement activity of garb policing is ridiculous in other ways too.First, what a woman chooses to wear ­– be it a nun’s habit, a sequenned Spanx onesie, a clown’s costume or a burka – should by now not be a matter for social censure let alone state intervention bent on enforcing "good morals".

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