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doesn't address typical date picking requirements). This brain storm is calling for an improved date picker to become either the default common method or an optional method that can be enabled via Settings.

This improved date picker is called the "Intelligent Date Picker".

Over 70% of our immune system lies in our intestines, and when is not working well it leaves us vulnerable to illness, allergies, fatigue, brain fog and stress.

The latest scientific studies show that disease, pain and mental issues like depression and anxiety are all caused by inflammation in the body. A 15-page article, We have no Excuse: A scientific case for relating life to mind, explains in detail the content of the bookmark. The bookmark can be printed two-sided on stiff letter size stock and cut into 4 marks per page.Numenta Inc., formed by Jeff Hawkins, Donna Dubinsky and Dileep George has begun researching the practical application of Jeff's theories.The Numenta technology, called Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM), is based on a theory of the neocortex described in On Intelligence.

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