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Natives in the Middle Woodland period developed the Hopewell culture and may have been in Indiana as early as 200 BC.The Hopewells were the first culture to create permanent settlements in Indiana.The Hopewells in Indiana were connected by trade to other native tribes as far away as Central America.The Late Woodland era is generally considered to have begun about 600 AD and lasted until the arrival of Europeans in Indiana. One of the new developments—which has yet to be explained—was the introduction of masonry, shown by the construction of large, stone forts, many of which overlook the Ohio River.By its new constitution of 1851, it restricted rights of free blacks and excluded them from the suffrage.During the 1850s, the state's population grew to exceed one million.About 1 AD, the Hopewells mastered agriculture and grew crops of sunflowers and squash.Around 200 AD, the Hopewells began to construct mounds used for ceremonies and burials.

The largest of these was the Northwest Territory, which was progressively divided into several smaller territories by the United States Congress.

Following statehood, the newly established state government laid out on an ambitious plan to transform Indiana from a segment of the frontier into a developed, well populated, and thriving state.

The state's founders initiated a program that led to the construction of roads, canals, railroads, and state-funded public schools.

Despite the noble aims of the project, profligate spending ruined the state's credit.

By 1841 the state was near bankruptcy and forced to liquidate most of its public works.

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