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By 1970, a black rock ‘n’ roll guitarist like Jimi Hendrix was considered a strange anomaly.Over the course of a decade rock music went from being a pan-racial conversation to a serious, studious pursuit for white people — or, in any case, that’s the way it was widely perceived.It’s so much more intimidating than if it was square,” the writer-actor rapped.The White House shared the excitement posting the 103-second video to its Twitter page, writing “Wait for it ...That lightning-fast historic whitewashing is the story at the center of my friend Jack Hamilton’s new book, .This is an academic book — Harvard University Press published it — but Hamilton writes with a conversational immediacy that makes it profoundly readable; I finished most of it on a single train ride last week.#Bam4 Ham.” The rapping fun even got the President to move his head along to the music and imitate the movement of dropping a microphone.

TOM BREIHAN: One thing that really struck me about the book was the passage about how certain rock critics, in the late ’60s, were writing that white musicians were the ones keeping the spirit of the blues alive while black musicians were reaching for crass commercialism instead.But how do you think rap, specifically, has avoided becoming a white-dominated genre? For starters, rock ‘n’ roll music in its 1950s form, when it first burst into the public consciousness, was quite interracial.There were really always both white and black rock ‘n’ roll stars, for as long as that term had been in existence.That right there makes it pretty different from hip-hop.There’s also the fact that hip-hop starts out as a subculture that’s firmly rooted in a specific place and takes a pretty long time to turn “mainstream.” There’s about six years between Kool Herc’s legendary Sedgwick Ave.

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