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Mc Kinnon Scheme: ARC REIFAmount: 5,000 Micromechanical Testing Facility (Year: 1997) Investigators: J.

Mc Kinnon (UQ)Scheme: ARC Infrastructure Amount: ,000 Micromechanical Properties of Thin Ceramic Films (Year: 1995) Investigators: J. Bell Scheme: ARC Small Grants Amount: ,000 Inorganic Materials Synthesis (Year: 1994) Investigators: J.

Bell Agency: Australian Institute for Nuclear Science and Engineering Amount: ,361 Communicating and Querying Urban Design Scenarios Through Virtual Environments (Year: 2003) Investigators: S.

Research Unit & QUT Strat Links Amount: ,000 Cool Schools (Year: 2001) Investigators: J.

Skryabin Company: Sustainable Technologies International Amount: ,000 Energy Efficiency at AFC1 (Year: 2004) Investigators: J.

Demirbilek Company: Brisbane Airport Corporation Amount: ,000 Electronic properties of diamond like carbon for applications in planar optical waveguides (Year: 2004) Investigators: J.

Areas include: Energy savings in modern buildings To develop solutions to make buildings more energy efficient by improving thermal performance, daylight and adopting integrated PV systems which rely on solar energy. Will Company: Country Energy Amount: ,742.00 Cathodic Materials for due-sensitised solar cells (Year: 2005) Investigators: J.

Areas include: Grants Industry Funding Over 1,821 received in Industry Funding since 1994.

Amount: ,600 Mathematical modelling of dye-sensitised titania solar cells: a route to improved efficiency in production (Year: 2002) Investigators: J. Scheme: ARC Linkage International Amount: 5,000 Carbon Nanotube Photovoltaic Cells (Year: 2005) Investigators: J. Waclawik and B-Q Wei Scheme: ARC Linkage International Amount: 6,480 A Focussed Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscope for South East Queensland (Year: 2006) Investigators: J. Hybrid Airconditioning (Year: 2007-09) Investigators: L. Kalceff Scheme: ARC Large Grant Amount: ,000 Grain Size Effects in Ferroelectric Thin Films (Year: 1991) Investigators: J. Bell Scheme: ARC APA(I)Amount: ,000 Other Government and CRC Funding Over ,340,010 received from other government and CRC’s in Funding since 1988.

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