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"They'd say, ' I fucked Jenny last night,' " says Mc Carthy, whispering the word.

Or the girls "would take my maxi pads out of my purse as a practical joke and tape them all over the school and write my name in lipstick in the middle of them." An eternity passed, and it was time for graduation.

"Let me tell ya, it was like Cell Block H," she says.

"I'm not trying for sym-pathy, but as an example, for your birthday, the girls would decorate your locker and put Dunkin' Donuts inside. Everybody knew it was my birthday, and nothing would be there." Occasionally, Mc Carthy's classmates would enlist male friends to call Tony, her boyfriend.

She remembers her tightknit block as "the kind you see on TV where kids play kickball on the street." Dad was a steel-company foreman who worked two other jobs to put the kids through school; Mom was a hairdresser.

Jenny, a bubbly, outgoing girl, naively thought she was going to attend the neighborhood high school with all of her friends.

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Commandeering this ship of fools is 23-year-old Jenny Mc Carthy. "I gave my card out to a few people," says Michael, 23. ' Three days later, I'm Miss October 1993.And the effects of it can be seen in much of modern culture, especially technology, with apps like Tinder and Ok Cupid like a real-world versions of Benjamin Solomon is a freelance writer based in New York City.He was most recently the Editor-in-Chief of Next Magazine.Her parents had other plans: Mother Mc Auley Liberal Arts High School, a moneyed, ultraconservative Catholic girls school across town.Mc Carthy, bearing the cross of being pretty and blue collar, was immediately shunned.

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