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Here are the last two posts on the current challenge— Update #1: The New Challenge Update #2: An Update with Various Q&A In addition to the cards mentioned in those posts, there is a new offer from Am Ex that provides 50,000 points after completing a ,000 minimum spend. S., along with a few options for people in Canada and Australia. You may want to join others later, but these three are a good start: American United miles at key times. You can also reroute the entire ticket (including adding or subtracting destinations) after departure for a small fee. Travel companies offer “elite status” to their preferred and most frequent customers. Because at hotels you’ll get free upgrades, free breakfast, free internet, late check-out, and other perks.

The bonus is usually 25,000 points, so the 50,000 one definitely won’t be around forever. The cards issued by banks elsewhere in the world aren’t nearly as incentivized as those in the U. The news is that while credit cards are a quick and easy way for Americans to rack up big signup bonuses—especially these days, as the banks continue to wage an arms race for new customers—most other aspects of travel hacking are open to the whole world. A few times a year, you can buy miles for discounted rates and use them to “purchase” award tickets to anywhere. And again, you’ll save money on the ticket cost by beginning from somewhere other than the U. On airlines you’ll get priority boarding, priority seating, upgrades (sometimes), and better help if something goes wrong.

favoritism: a few times a year, Avianca in South America has begun offering even cheaper purchase options than U. The pricing is dependent on country of origin, so good deals are often available in countries such as South Africa, Israel, Japan, and Korea.

You must be a member of the program before the sale begins, so get a free account so you have the option when the time comes. Round-the-World tickets are most advantageous when beginning outside the U. I’ve now traveled on at least ten Round-the-World tickets, and every one originated far away from my home.

You will need either one of these payment methods to sign up. and aren’t eligible to use credit cards or just prefer not to, what are your options? You put these miles to work by booking award flights on any Star Alliance carrier, including great airlines such as Swiss, Lufthansa, Air New Zealand, or ANA in Japan. The great thing about Round-the-World tickets is their flexibility.In fact, in many ways it doesn’t matter where you live. You can often get elite status through a “challenge” where you agree to complete a certain amount of travel in a certain period of time.Speaking of travel, I’m on the road again, soon to be headed to the Seychelles, my 188th country. The Seychelles is an expensive, faraway place, but this is where travel hacking comes in. I’ll get to Abu Dhabi on a free Business Class ticket booked on Etihad with American Airlines miles.

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