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Firstly: Understanding Chinese girls and Chinese culture and societal values Part 1.Secondly: Understanding Chinese girls and Chinese culture and societal values Part 2.Welcome to another edition of ‘Stuff From Kane’s Brain’ Today, we are here to talk about how YOU can meet GIRLS in CHINA.If you’re a gay dude, then sorry, this article probably won’t help you.Our blog is packed with information, details and all that you need to know about finding your new Chinese wife.No matter what it is you like about Chinese women, we are here to help and guide you the dating minefield.Well, not quite, but…While marriage rates in Japan have been declining overall, a growing number of Japanese women seem to be giving up on their male counterparts and dating foreign men.So what is it about foreign guys that draws Japanese women to them?

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As a “thank you” for joining our group, you can download for FREE our “Top 10 tips” info-graphic guide about settling into China, which we recently created and which we only share with our Facebook friends.Most people will not ask that directly, but they will rephrase it by asking how Chinese girls are, if Chinese girls like foreigners or if they will be able to find a Chinese girlfriend easily. As a kind of disclaimer I’d like to state that I am talking about common Chinese girls living in mainland China. No matter how insignificant the promise is in your eyes, don’t break or ignore it. In one forum I read comment of a girl who stated that she likes successful men not because of what they HAVE, but because of their mindset – that same mindset that made them successful. Chinese tradition values the filial piety above many other virtues.From trying to figure out which Olympic athletes are using Tinder to what’s really happening in the Olympic Village (and all those condoms!), it’s safe to say that dating has been the unofficial sport in the 2016 Summer Olympics that we’ve all been watching from the edge of our seats. One question that gets asked the most is: are Chinese girls easy?

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