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I've known some slimy guys, and I've heard people state a distinct preference for homely partners when they are looking for an unequal relationship with foreign women.People with low self-esteem have lower expectations.FWIW, my Dad and his wife are very happy - she's basically transformed him (she's not as subservient as she seems).She has a lot of friends who are the same type of bride and, although you can't judge a whole marriage from just meeting someone at a birthday party or whatever, they seem at least as happy as the average UK-UK marriage.The deal with Filipina women might just be that they want to leave.I saw a lot of asian wives on military bases, and a good proportion were from the Phillipines. 3) Can generally cook very well, and many Filipino dishes are quite tasty to Americans. 5) Come from a very poor country, and are generally very happy and grateful to come to the US, so are less likely to ask a man for more than he is willing to provide.It makes for less competition and fewer hassles (assuming that you don't plan to talk to her much or concern yourself much with her mental well-being.) Gorgeous women usually learn how to make their own way in life.A woman who has been beaten down and feels she is worthless is more likely to take what what she gets, desperately trying to please even when she is treated poorly.

My Dad's fourth wife is a Phillipino mail-order bride.

8) Are different enough to be "exotic", but are still quite familiar with American customs, etc.

That's just some of the things I can think of off the top of my head.

Almost all of them were married to older service members. Understandably American women by and large aren't putting up with being basically a cooking, fucking, listening doll who doesn't talk too much to her husband about emotions and feelings and other drivel, except when the husband wants to talk drivel in which case said doll will listen soothe and advise with infinite patience. 6) Come from a society with stricter gender roles than the US, so have been trained to act more "feminine" than most American women - deferring to the man, making him feel important, etc - and that can make a man, especially an older man, feel more masculine in return.

I saw very, very few younger guys married to asian women. It's also a fact that most of the 'hostesses' in the bars off-base in Okinawa were Filipino. Equally understandably of course, a lot of men especially of the older generation want such a doll and can find one in a Phillipino woman. (She may be looking for a more "masculine" man, too) 7) Immigration is fairly easy between the US and the Philippines, so it isn't as hard to get a Filipina over here legally as it is, say, a Mexican woman.

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